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The Living Farm

We have been working over the years towards developing farmland projects in South India where families and individuals who genuinely believe in ‘green living’ and a small carbon and ecological footprint, can reside. The aim of “The Living Farm” is not ascetic living, but to facilitate a lifestyle where one is eco-conscious and aware of the effects of one’s actions and way of life on the environment; a lifestyle where modernity and eco-sensitivity can coexist. Owning an abode in the majestic serenity of nature is a dream for every city-dweller in today's time that they want to live. We at "The living Farm" successfully delivered the vision of the best farm communities where people can build their own farmhouse. We had launched and completed so many such farmland projects like “Prakruthi Farms”, “Nature Senses” etc under “The Living Farm” brand and looking forward to launching more projects in the near future.

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  • Address :
  • Madhagondahally-Kakkadasam Rd,
    Thogarai Agraharam,
    Tamil Nadu 635114
  • Phone : 8880500999
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  • 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Monday – Sunday