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Build your home in India’s England

We offer options in farmhouse plots, depending on your budget and the needs of your family. You can choose from quarter acre, half acre, 1 acre or more. You can build a farmhouse with all the facilities you need in a location that has pleasant weather all year round. In fact, the region is called Little England of India.

  • Farmhouse plots in ideal sizes for you
  • Excellent weather in the range of 10-30 degrees
  • Fertile land best suited for organic farming
  • 20 varieties of plantation trees & 20 fruit-bearing trees in each plot

Active dawns

If you are into fitness, there are plenty of activities you can explore at Nature senses. You can begin your day on a healthy note. Go on a nature trail. Do yoga at our specially designed Yoga deck. Hit the gym. Jog around the estate.

Sweet mornings

A tasty treat of a bowl of fruit salad made with ingredients from your own little orchard can make your breakfast extra special. Equally special is the joy of climbing up trees to pluck your own fruits.

Nourishing noons

Fresh produce from your organic garden makes your lunch tasty and healthy. The nutritional quality with assuredly no chemicals is simply priceless and something you won’t get if you buy them from the city supermarkets.

Fun-filled afternoons

There is no dearth of entertainment options at Nature senses. From indoor games like Billiards and Cards to outdoor games like Tennis and Basketball, you have a wide range of sporting activities to choose from.

Blessed evenings

Cows are the most peaceful beings and are spiritually inspiring for most Hindus. Why not a trip to the Goshala in the evening to spend some time there? It will also be an educational experience for children.

Peaceful nights

The weather is simply divine at Nature senses, thanks to the location and abundance of shady trees. Another huge plus is that here, you can build your own home in harmony with nature, letting in plenty of breeze and ensuring a good night’s sleep.


When you move out of the city, it doesn’t have to be that you have to leave all the comforts and entertainment avenues behind.