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Work in the city. Live in nature's lap. Nature senses is located near Hosur, just a short drive away Electronics City, Bangalore.

Forget the soulless gated communities of the city, built with steel and concrete, with little concern for ecological harmony. Nature senses is a farm- themed eco-village, spread across 100 acres of farmland. It's safe, serene and blessed with salubrious weather.


What if your home could offer you much more than just shelter? What if your place of residence added years to your lifespan and ensured that you follow an active lifestyle?


Farmland is a joy to posses and live in, and is also an asset that keeps on adding value to your investment portfolio. Nature senses has so much more on offer for you.


Do you picture the home of your dreams in an idyllic setting or somewhere with scope for adventure? Why not both? Nature senses has everything to turn the frown on your face to a smile.

Build your home in India’s England

We offer options in farmhouse plots, depending on your budget and the needs of your family. You can choose from quarter acre, half acre, 1 acre or more. You can build a farmhouse with all the facilities you need in a location that has pleasant weather all year round. In fact, the region is called Little England of India.

  • Farmhouse plots in ideal sizes for you
  • Excellent weather in the range of 10-30 degrees
  • Fertile land best suited for organic farming
  • 20 varieties of plantation trees & 20 fruit-bearing trees in each plot

An authentic farm living experience

We have gone to great lengths to bring you the most authentic farm lifestyle. This is how humans are meant to live - in touch with the elements of nature..

Simple living

Miles away from the bustle of the city, discover the joys of simplicity.


Feast your eyes on all shades of green wherever you look.

Go organic

Grow your own veggies, untouched by chemicals.


Your pets will have all the space and freedom they need

The cow sanctuary

Cows have been considered sacred for millennia and used to be a part of most Indian households. Nature senses has a Goshala exclusively for the residents of the community so they can enjoy the health benefits of pure milk..