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Our cow sanctuary

Cows are not just a source of dairy products, their mere presence is a blessing.

Cows have been considered sacred for millennia and they used to be a part of most Indian households. Cows can be a part of daily poojas and used for other activities of religious significance. Nature senses has a Goshala exclusively for the residents of the community so they can enjoy the health benefits of pure milk. Below are some of the desi cow breeds at our Goshala.

Punganur dwarf cattle

They are one of the world’s smallest humped cattle breeds. With origins in Andhra Pradesh, they are known for the high fat content of their milk.

Tharparkar cattle

Named after the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, this is a disease- resistant cattle breed. The breed is also known as “White Sindhi” and produces a reasonable amount of milk.

Gir cattle

Gir is one of the best milkers among indigenous cattle breeds. It’s world-renowned for its tolerance to stress conditions and is a favourite for export.

Swarna Kapila cattle

Kapila is native to Karnataka and is small in size. It’s also the most revered cows among Hindus. Many village temples and Brahmin households raise Kapila cows for spiritual reasons.

Malnad Gidda Cattle

Malnad Gidda, a small breed of cows, has its origins in Karnataka and they play a major role in the rural economy by producing milk and manure.

Ongole cattle

This breed gets its name from Ongole, a place in Andhra Pradesh from where it originated. They produce moderate amounts of milk but is known for hardiness and disease resistance.